Special Education

  • West Chester Area School District's mission statement demonstrates the districts belief that all children can learn. It is not uncommon for students to require additional supportive services on the road to learning, growing, socializing and becoming contributing members of their society. The Department of Pupil Services of the West Chester Area School District is dedicated to providing all students with what they need to achieve their personal best. Pupil Services is proactive in its philosophy in meeting the needs of students. Counselors, Psychologists, Nurses, Social Workers, and Caseworkers provide a network of highly trained professionals to counsel youngsters and their family, connect children and caregivers to programs and services, assess levels of learning, support the physical and mental health of youngsters, and provide training for staff throughout the district to better interact to benefit children and their families.

    In some cases, a student with a disability may require Special Education in order to benefit from their educational experience. West Chester Area School District currently educates approximately 1500 Special Education students in a full continuum of services offered in its sixteen schools as well as with a combination of Chester County Intermediate Unit, and Approved Private Schools.

Staff Directory

  • East Feeder Pattern (East, Fugett, East Goshen, Exton, Fern Hill, Glen Acres)
    Supervisor: Lisa Phifer  484-266-1217
    Secretary: Danielle Deptula 484-266-1213
    Liaison (middle/high): Trish Barr 484-266-1222
    Liaison (elementary/middle): Kate Feryo 484-266-1225

    Henderson Feeder Pattern (Henderson, Peirce, East Bradford, Hillsdale, Mary C. Howse)
    Supervisor: PJ Dakes 484-266-1233
    Secretary: Robin Graham 484-266-1214
    Liaison (middle/high): Missy McFadyen 484-266-1193
    Liaison (elementary/middle): Lu-Ann Ruffin 484-266-1221

    Rustin Feeder Pattern (Rustin, Stetson, Penn Wood, Starkweather, Westtown-Thornbury)
    Supervisor: Melissa Kleiman 484-266-1219
    Secretary: Samantha Cummings 484-266-1211
    Liaison (middle/high): Megan Davolos 484-266-1224
    Liaison (elementary/middle) Alex Alexander 484-266-1220