• Our district population has seen a lot of change. Our 2019-20 enrollment is at 12,079, an all-time high. In addition, 3,200 new housing units have been approved within district boundaries, and we project our enrollment to approach 13,000 students over the next seven years. These enrollment projections have been carefully calculated with the help of experienced demographers who specialize in school enrollment and take into consideration which kinds of housing units tend to bring school children and what percentage of families choose public schools.

    We will begin the process in the fall of 2019 by assembling a committee to analyze attendance boundaries and identify issues to consider. It will be comprised of school administrators, Board members, teachers, transportation staff, and parents. The committee will consider current school enrollments and projected enrollments. They will also develop scenarios that will shift attendance boundaries to balance our school enrollments.

    The process of redistricting is one of the most emotional and difficult that any school district goes through. Unfortunately, in order to operate in a sound manner and provide enough space, we must shift our attendance boundaries to match enrollment. We are extremely careful about the way in which we analyze attendance boundaries and make decisions. Every effort will be made to ease transitions for students and to move as few students as possible. We are very sensitive to the difficult nature of this process and we will do our very best to be fair.

    Community updates will be provided via email, website, as well as public meetings.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email at