Request for a Short-term Withdrawal for your Child

  • According to the West Chester Area School District’s Attendance Guidelines (204AG1), you must submit an educational plan for your child for the period of absence before your request can be approved. 

    Please send your educational plan to your child's principal and Dr. Sara M. Missett, Director of Elementary Education. If you do not provide such a plan, your child’s absences will be considered unlawful.

    An Education plan options include, but are not limited to the following:

    Once your education plan is approved, please contact your child's school to schedule an appointment to complete the withdrawal paperwork.

    Please note that during a short-term withdrawal, your child's education and assignments are solely driven by the educational plan approved by the District. The District will not provide any specific assignments to your child. You will need to re-enroll your child once you return to the District. You will need to provide two current proofs of residency (driver's license, mortgage statement, utility bill) and proof of your child's education during their short-term withdrawal. Please contact the main office of your child's school to re-enroll your child.

    If you have any questions, please contact your child's principal.