Extended Absence for a Student

  • Example of an extended absence: A family is going on an extended vacation for 15 days or more:

    A student can legally be absent for a total of 15 days (5 vacation days, 10 parent notes). If a student misses more than 15 days, the parents/guardians must select from the options below to avoid being cited for truancy.

    A. Pay for EDUCERE courses in ELA and Math

    B. Complete HOMESCHOOL paperwork and submit for approval to Dr. Sara Missett Mail to:
        Spellman Education Center | 782 Springdale Drive | Exton, PA 19341 or 
        email to: smissett@wcasd.net

    Extended Absence Homeschool Checklist:

    1. Notarized Affidavit
    2. Outline of Proposed Educational Objectives by Subject Area

    C. Enroll in SCHOOL AT THE DESTINATION SITE for the length of your trip

    D. Enroll in the WCASD CYBER PROGRAM for the remainder of the school year.

    Please email Dr. Sara Missett: smissett@wcasd.net or call 484-266-1009 if you have additional Extended Absence questions.

    Please inform the student's home school office when you return. 

    Additional Documents

    Extended Absence Instructions

    Ausencia Prolongada

    Affidavit for Home Education Program

    DECLARACION JURADA DEL SUPERVISOR DE UN PROGRAMA DE EDUCACION en el hogar para estudiantes con Ausencia Prolongada

    Textbook Loan Form