Summer School Opportunities

  • On-site (Traditional) High School Summer School

    Held at East High School, the WCASD uses a traditional method of instruction for summer school with a teacher in the classroom.

    On-Site Courses:  The following courses will be held at East High School and require a minimum of 12 students in order to run.  In the event that fewer than 12 students enroll, the course may be offered virtually through an online platform.  Students can register for each of these classes as an original credit or a make-up credit.

    5-week classes run from June 22nd – July 24th (no school on July 3rd)

    Course Name

    Class Hours


    US Government and Economics

    8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


    9th Grade Health Fitness

    8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


    Health 10

    Online – see flyer


    AP History Boot Camp

    8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. July 29 - August 1 ONLY



    6-week classes run from June 23rd – August 4th (no school on July 3rd)

    Course Name

    Class Hours



    Blended - 80% Online &
    Every Tuesday 8am-noon


    Intro to Computer
    Programming C/C++

    Blended - 80% Online &
    Every Tuesday 8am-noon


    On-site course:

    • Parents log into their PayforIt account. The make-up course will be listed under your student’s name.
    • Payment deadline is Thursday, June 18  @ 11:59 p.m.
    • Tuition: $410/ per 1 credit course; $275/ per 0.6 credit course
    • Registration fees must be paid in full using the PayforIt
    • School Counselors will be available in schools to assist WCASD students that qualify for a reduced tuition rate based on family income. The reduced tuition rate will be determined by the District. Proof of income is required. Families requesting reduced tuition must contact the school’s counseling office or caseworker by Thursday, June 18.
    • Courses will begin the week of June 22 and run through July 24, 2020

    Families are encouraged to register as early as possible. Registration will not be accepted via telephone or email.


    Each day of summer school is equivalent to at least one week of regular school instruction. Attendance is mandatory.

    Students enrolled in the program agree to the following attendance guidelines:

    • Vacations are not excused absences. Under no circumstances should a student expect to participate in a vacation during the time he/she is enrolled in the High School Summer School Program. Students violating this policy will be dropped from the program and will forfeit all tuition.
    • Students may not accumulate more than three (3) excused absences during a 5-week course or two (2) excused absences during a 3-week course. Only absences for illness or a death in the family will be excused. If a student is excessively absent, he/she will be dropped from the program and will forfeit all tuition.
    • Excuses, submitted on the approved West Chester Area School District form, are required for all absences and tardiness. The District reserves the right to require a doctor’s note.
    • Students who are chronically late to class are subject to being dropped from the program.
    • Parents must call the summer school office if their child is going to be absent or late.

    Excessive Tardiness:

    • Thirty (30) minutes late to class will be recorded as one day’s absence.
    • The accumulation of thirty (30) minutes late to class accrued over the course of the program will be recorded as one day’s absence.

    Chronic Tardiness:

    • Five (5) tardies, regardless of the number of minutes late, will be recorded as one day’s absence.
    • Tuition refunds will not be given to students who are dropped from the program due to poor attendance, lateness, or behavioral problems.

    Disciplinary Regulations

    Summer school students will be expected to adhere to the West Chester Area School District’s Disciplinary Code. Violations of the Discipline Code will result in the student being suspended from summer school. All suspensions will be external and will count as an absence. The school administrator shall have the final authority for dismissal. Parents/guardians will always be informed.

    Progress Reports

    Teachers will prepare progress reports and give them to students. These reports will not be mailed home. Online course grades are available at any time within the student’s online course.  Progress reports for online courses are sent via email. 


    Grades will be mailed home and to the schools on or about August 13, 2020. Do not call the summer school office or ask summer school staff for final grades. All coursework must be completed by August 2. Incomplete coursework will be calculated into the student’s final grade. All grades will be recorded on the student’s transcript.

    Driver’s Education

    Driver’s Education classroom instruction will be provided by the Chester County Intermediate Unit. This course is 30 hours of instruction. Information on this program is available in the Guidance Offices. To register, please call the Chester County Intermediate Unit: 484-237-5189. 


    On-line Make-up Courses 

    Online make-up courses in the subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are for students who failed a subject during the school year who had a minimum grade of 60-69%. If a West Chester Area School District student received a grade below 60%, he or she is not eligible to enroll in a make-up course for credit. The goals of the online high school summer school program are to help students:

    1. Make up a subject failed during the regular school year who earned a minimum grade of 60-69%.
    2. Improve a grade in a high school course already taken for credit.

    West Chester Area School District will accept successful completion of the following virtual education courses for credit toward a diploma at their high schools. The courses are offered through Educere, a leading K-12 virtual education service organization with customers across 42 states and 22 countries.

    • Register by Sunday, June 14 @ 11:59 p.m.

    • Tuition: $195/course

    • Courses will begin Monday, June 22, 2020

    • A school counselor will be available at each high school for assistance students may qualify for tuition reduction based on family income.

    • To register online, go to and follow the registration instructions during the registration window of June 10 - June 20.

    Educere Logo    WCASD School Codes

       East High School: BFWD5CIS
       Henderson High School: 7IDNZFZ7
       Rustin High School: KSCKT6AT

     Make-up course registration fee:  $195/course 

     Language Arts

    Course #


    Course #


    Course #

    Social Studies

    Course #

     English 9  DAFSP3432 Algebra 1A DAFSP4031  Biology DAFSP3713  American History  DAFSP3716
     English 10 DAFSP3433 Algebra 1 DAFSP3710  Chemistry DAFSP3714  Africa & Asia History DAFSP3715
     English 11 DAFSP3424 Geometry DAFSP3711 Physical
    DAFSP3712  Western World History DAFSP3504
     English 12, full year DAFSP3428 Algebra 2 DAFSP3503  Physics DAFSP3719  American Gov’t and Economics DAFSP3717
     English 12,
    first semester ($195)
    DAHSP3428 Pre-Calculus DAFSP3727        
     English 12,
    second semester ($195)

    General Information

    • Students access courses online and no additional course materials are necessary. Students may access the courses at any time through any computer with an internet connection. A virtual instructor teaches each course, and students communicate with the instructor via email, web-based text meetings, and/or a toll-free phone number.
    • There will be six (6) mandatory exams listed in the class lessons that must be taken in the computer lab located at East High School under the supervision of the summer school monitor between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Monday through Friday (closed on July 4th) in order to receive credit from WCASD. All other lesson tests can be taken at home. While an Educere Personal Learning Coach™ supports the student throughout the virtual education experience, the Coach is not a tutor. 

    Computer Access

    For students who do not have access to a computer with an internet connection, the computer lab located at East High School will be available from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday until July 24 (closed on July 3rd). A WCASD facilitator will monitor the computer lab during this time. Please note that the six (6) mandatory exams listed in the class lessons must be taken in the computer lab located at East High under the supervision of the summer school monitor in order to receive credit from WCASD. All other lesson tests can be taken at home.


    • Start Date – Approximately 7 days after the submission of the online registration and receipt of payment.
    • End Date –all coursework must be completed by Friday, July 24. There will be no extensions.


    • See above for course costs.
    • Payment should be made to Educere LLC at time of registration.
    • District Students may qualify for tuition reduction based on family income.  Proof of income and verification by a counselor or administrator is required.  The amount of tuition reduction will be determined by the district.

    Registration Information

    • Register online at through June 14 using the appropriate school code and course number.  See below registration instructions.
    • Payments to Educere are submitted at the time of online registration via credit/debit card, or a check/money order can be mailed to: Educere LLC, 455 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 140, Fort Washington, PA 19034.

    Online Registration Instructions

    Educere's online registration process includes four steps. An overview of the process follows:

    • Step 1: Course Selection - Enter the course # in the "Register Now" section found on the top-right of every web page at  After reviewing the course, to begin the registration process, click the "Add to Cart" link found in the right-column of every course overview page. 
    • Step 2: School Contact Information - Enter the appropriate WCASD school code and select the student’s guidance counselor from the drop down box.
      East: BFWD5CIS
      Henderson: 7IDNZFZ7
      Rustin: KSCKT6AT  
    • Step 3: Student/Parent Contact Information – Enter student and parent contact information; including emails
    • Step 4: Payment Information - Credit/Debit or Check/Money Order payments are accepted directly from the parent/student.

    Contact Information

    West Chester High School Guidance Departments:

    • East High School: 484-266-3811 or 484-266-3824
    • Henderson High School: 484-266-3407 or 484-266-3408
    • Rustin High School:  484-266-4311 or 484-266-4318
    • Educere Personal Learning Coach: 866-EDUCERE (433-8237)
    • WCASD Summer School Administrator - Dr. Crystal Dowdell:, 484-266-3304