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    The WCASD's before and after-school childcare program is coordinated by A Child's Place (ACP.) ACP provides care conveniently located in the safe, secure, and familiar setting of the child’s elementary school. All staff is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. The program will also provide child care in your child's school on in-service days and during school closures. Financial assistance is offered to those in need who provide the necessary documentation. Visit for more information or call the West Chester office: 610-357-2490. 

    A Child's Place in the WCASD ; A Child’s Place de Distrito escolar del área de West Chester

    A Child’s Place Club Policy - Throughout the school year, the district will hold clubs/activities before and/or after school hours that your child may wish to participate in. All parents/guardians are asked to complete the Activity Notification Form to inform ACP staff of your child’s participation in any school clubs. For the safety of all students, club leaders are responsible for picking up, and signing out, before care students from ACP for a club occurring before school hours. Likewise, club/activity leaders are responsible for dropping off, and signing in, after care students to ACP for a club occurring after school hours. It is the responsibility of the club leader to ensure the child has arrived safely and is in the care of A Child’s Place employees. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the club leader of the child’s enrollment in A Child’s Place, in addition to ACP club protocols and pick-up/drop-off procedures.  
    **A Child’s Place employees are not held responsible for the child during the time he/she is attending the club. Should you have any questions relating to this club policy, please reach out to your program’s Director.