Contact the Board

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    Members of the public may contact the Board by email or via the Board Secretary, Ms. Linda Cherashore (email: lcherashore, 484-266-1018, or by mail to: WCASD, Spellman Administration Building, 782 Springdale Dr. Exton PA 19341).

    2021 School Board List
    Chris McCune, President, email: cmccune
    Sue Tiernan, Vice President, email: stiernan
    Gary Bevilacqua, email: gbevilacqua
    Joyce Chester, email: jchester
    Daryl Durnell, email: ddurnell1
    Brian Gallen, email: bgallen
    Dr. Karen Herrmann, email: kherrmann
    Dr. Kate Shaw, email: kshaw
    Randell Spackman, email: rspackman