Attendance and Discipline


    With certain exceptions, children from the ages of six (6) to eighteen (18), inclusive, must be in attendance at a school in which the subjects required by law and the State Board of Education are taught in the English language. Click here to view Attendance Policy 204 and Extracurricular Code of Conduct Policy 122AG2

    Excuse forms, completed with the necessary data, are to be turned in by the student within three (3) days after his/her return from an absence. The absence of any student failing to comply with this time period, will automatically become unexcused and/or unlawful and the school laws of Pennsylvania shall be applied.


    The School Board authorized the Superintendent and/or his/her designee to grant or deny requests for individuals to attend schools outside of their designated attendance area. Please review School Board Policy 206 - Assignment Within District for further information and guidelines for consideration. For Attendance Exception, please complete the Student Transfer Request Form - 206AG2; Formulario de solicitud de transferencia de estudiante


    The West Chester Area School Board has the authority to make reasonable and necessary rules governing the conduct of students in school. In order that infractions of the rules established for student conduct may be treated equitably and consistently, the Board has approved a Disciplinary Action Schedule for all schools.


    The Discipline & Records Policy Manual contains information on district policies for discipline, attendance, bus transportation, and student records. Reglamento de Disciplina y Política de Expendientes 2022-2023