President's Message

  • 2020 School Board

    2020 School Board Members
    Daryl Durnell,  Joyce Chester, and Vice President Sue Tiernan, Karen Herrmann, and President Chris McCune
    Kate Shaw, Superintendent Jim Scanlon, Brian Gallen, Randell Spackman, and Gary Bevilacqua

    As required by the Pennsylvania School Code, the West Chester Area School District is governed by a School Board comprised of nine directors who serve four-year terms. The directors are elected from three voter regions within the school district. Elections are held every odd-numbered year. Four to five directors are generally elected at any one time.

    At an annual organization meeting held the first week of December, the School Board chooses a President and Vice President for the coming calendar year. At that time, any newly elected members of the Board are also sworn into office. The board then announces monthly board meeting dates, re-adopts School Board policies, rules, and regulations, adopts standing board committees, and appoints a solicitor, for the next calendar year.

    A primary responsibility of the Board is to set district policy, which is then implemented by the administration. Another major responsibility is to approve the annual budget and set tax rates. The fiscal year covered by the budget runs from July 1 to June 30.

    The School Board has several additional nonvoting members, including a secretary, an assistant secretary, and a treasurer. Secretaries are appointed by the Board for four-year terms that run concurrent with fiscal years. Treasurers and assistant secretaries are appointed by the Board for one-year terms that run concurrent with a single fiscal year.

    In addition, the student body of each district high school elects a student representative for a one-year term that runs concurrent with the fiscal year. These representatives serve in a non-voting advisory capacity.


    Chris McCune, President
    Board of School Directors