• To avoid confusion concerning the administration of medication(s) during school hours and/or school activities, the following requirements must be met before any medication is administered to your child while s/he is in school.

    Prescription Medications - DAILY, TEMPORARY, SHORT TERM, and OCCASIONAL

    1. A Health Care Provider's (M.D./D.O, CRNP) written order for the nurse must accompany the medication, including date, time of medication, and dosage.  A new order is required at the start of each school year. A pharmacy label and/or a stamped order do not meet the state requirements of a written HCP's signature. A new prescription order is also needed for any medication dosage or time change.  When a medication is discontinued, we also request the parent/ guardian provide us with a written order from the Health Care Provider.
    2. A parent/guardian note and/or signature requesting medication administration as prescribed by the Health Care Provider must be provided.
    3. Medication must be clearly labeled in the original, most current container from the pharmacy and the label must include:
      1. Student's Name, Medication, Dosage
      2. Instructions for Administration
      3. Health Care Provider's Name

     We suggest the pharmacist supply two labeled containers, one each for home and school.

    Non-Prescription Medications

    1. A Health Care Provider's (M.D./D.O, CRNP) written order for the nurse must accompany any medication other than generic Tylenol, antacids, and Benadryl for serious allergic reactions. (WCASD nurses already have standing orders for those three products from the district’s consulting physician). For example, a parent could provide the nurse at the start of the year with Advil and a doctor’s “PRN” order to “give student Mary X Advil 200 mg. q4 hours as needed for pain.”
    2. A parent/guardian note requesting the medication administration with instructions must be provided.
    3. For your child’s safety, medication must be in the original, labeled container.  The expiration date must be evident.
    4. Only over the counter medications described in the current edition of the PDR for non-prescription, drugs will be administered.
    5. Requirements also apply to homeopathic remedies and dietary supplements.

    Daily, temporary, and short-term medications given less than 4x/day must be administered at home, unless otherwise ordered by the Health Care Provider.  Please notify your school nurse of any changes in your child's health status so that they can provide the best care. All information provided to a nurse is kept confidential.

    Medication Authorization Form