Student Services

  • The District's Student Services Department works with all district students in meeting and supporting their needs throughout their educational careers. The Student Services Department is proactive in its philosophy of meeting the needs of students through participation in the special education pre-referral system, the Child Study Team, and the Student Assistance Program (SAP).

    Assistant Director of Pupil Services:
    Kate Coulter, MS, LPC  

    Supervisor of Student Services

    T: 484-266-1216

    In accordance with Act 18, all 17 WCASD schools have established threat assessment teams comprised of trained administrators, counselors, psychologists, intervention specialists, and mental health specialists.  Building teams may also involve nurses, school resource officers, or local law enforcement when needed. Parents are involved when a threat event occurs and are provided guidance and information regarding local resources. Student threat events are documented and reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Education at the end of every school year.