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Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Benefits

General Health Benefits Information

  • How can I learn more about the health benefits offered by the district?

  • When can I enroll in health benefits?

  • When are my benefits effective?

  • What is the BenefitSolver company key?

  • How do I view or print out my health benefit elections?

  • I need to enroll in health benefits due to losing my other health coverage? What do I do?

Adding or Removing Dependents

  • How do I add a newborn to health benefits?

  • How do I add a new spouse to health benefits?

  • How do I add or remove any other family members to my benefits?

  • What is a Qualified Life Event (QLE)?

  • What is Proof of Eligibility?

  • How long can my dependent child be covered on my health benefits?

Open Enrollment

  • When does Open Enrollment take place?

Address Change

  • How do I change my address?

Questions Regarding a Claim

  • I have a question or questions regarding a claim, bill, or Explanation of Benefits. Who can I speak with?

Benefits Upon Termination

  • I am resigning from the district. How long do my benefits continue?

  • COBRA - Continuation of Coverage

Plan Specific Information


  • How can I access my Blue Cross ID Card?

  • How can I view participating providers?


  • Who is our Prescription plan carrier?

  • What are the prescription copays?

  • What are maintenance medications?

  • Can I go to any pharmacy to fill my maintenance medications?

  • How much will a 90 day supply of maintenance medications cost?


  • How do I find a dentist who participates with our plan?


  • Who is my Vision coverage with?

  • Why didn't I get a Vision card in the mail?

  • Where do I find a list of Vision providers?

  • Where is Vision claim form?

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

  • What are Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)?

  • How do I view my FSA account information and current balance?

  • Does my FSA election carry over from one plan year to the next?

  • When is my election available for use?

  • Where can I get an FSA claim form?

  • What is an FSA benefits card?

  • Why is BenefitSolver questioning a payment I made using my benefits card?

  • How do I receive reimbursement for manual claims?

  • Who can I contact with questions regarding my FSA?

Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • Who is eligible for an HSA?

  • Who do I contact for assistance with my HSA that is linked to my High Deductible Health Plan?

  • How do I fund the HSA?

  • What is a catch-up HSA contribution?

  • Can I use my HSA funds to cover the expenses of my dependents?

  • Does the district contribute to the employee's HSA?

  • My HSA is not yet active, but I enrolled over a month ago. What is going on?

  • Where can I view my current HSA information?

Long Term Disability

  • What is long term disability?

Life Insurance

  • What is my life insurance benefit through the district?

Supplemental Benefits

  • Are there other benefits the district provides?

Sick Day Transfer

  • How do I transfer sick days from my previous district to WCASD?


  • I'm turning age 65 in the near future. Can I remain enrolled in the district's benefits?

  • My spouse is turning age 65 in the near future. Can he/she remain enrolled in the district's plan?


  • I am thinking of retiring. Where should I begin?

  • How do I contact PSERS if I have questions regarding retirement or my retirement benefits?