EAP - Employee Assistance Progam

  • The West Chester Area School District is pleased to provide our staff with an Employee Assistance Program through Health Advocate. 

    Health Advocate offers free counseling and referral services for employees and their dependents.  Health Advocate counselors will listen to your concerns, help you identify the source of your problems, and work with you to find practical solutions as quickly as possible.

    Health Advocate can help with anything that interferes with your personal or work life such as Stress Management, Marital or Relationship Issues, Parenting, Depression or Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Alcohol & Other Drug Problems, Child or Elder Care, or Financial Concerns. Any major change in your life may lead to the need for outside help, and Health Advocate is there to help.  Eight free counseling sessions per calendar year are available to employees and their eligible family members.

    How do I contact Health Advocate?

    Toll-free Number: 877-240-6863 - Available 24/7
    Email: answers@healthadvocate.com 
    Website: www.HealthAdvocate.com/members
    Log in: Health Advocate Web Guide

    We encourage you to take full advantage of your Health Advocate EAP+Work/Life program should you or one of your eligible family members need to access this valuable service. Please click to access the"We Make Life Easier" flyer .