• The West Chester Area School District mathematics program is designed to empower all students with mathematical thinking that will enable them to utilize the skills of logical thought and abstract reasoning that is required in the 21st Century. The curriculum used at all grade levels is research based and promotes an integration of conceptual thinking and effective problem-solving. Courses have been aligned to state standards and assessment anchors and infuse technology to enhance instruction and student engagement.

    Mathematics K – 5
    Elementary students engage in a math experience that balances deep conceptual understanding with computational skills to assist them in becoming successful critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers. The program utilizes the Illustrative Math series of curricular resources and supplements with instructional strategies and resources including Number Talks, Estimation180, and Notice/Wonder.

    Mathematics 6 – 8
    The middle school program serves as the foundation for higher mathematics and builds the skills necessary for success in Algebra 1 and beyond. Beginning with the 2013-14 school year, all courses leading up to and including Pre-Algebra will utilize the Math in Focus series of textbooks by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  Course content and pacing are offered at various ability levels to meet the needs of all students. Courses at the middle school begin to integrate the use of a calculator more regularly. Once students reach pre-Algebra, the use of a graphing calculator becomes more prevalent. 

    Mathematics 9 – 12
    The high school math program provides a continuation to and application of conceptual mathematical thinking. Course content and pacing are offered at various levels of ability to meet the needs of all students. Courses offered at the accelerated level use the McDougal Littell texts. Pearson Prentice Hall texts are utilized in Academic and Principle level courses. Students at the high school can expect to utilize a graphing calculator during their course of study. 

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    Ian Kerr - Elementary Math

    Dina Dormer - Secondary Math