Library & Media Center

  • Mission
    The mission of the WCASD Library Program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.

    This mission is accomplished by:

    • providing intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats
    • providing instruction to foster competence and stimulate
      interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas
    • working with other educators to design learning strategies to meet the needs of individual students.

    The K-12 library program is aligned to the American Association of School Libraries Academic Standards.

    Library Programs K-5
    The elementary school library programs feature a comprehensive curriculum focusing on the development of a love of reading, information literacy skills, safe and ethical use of information technology, and creative problem-solving. Each library features age-appropriate online research databases, outstanding print materials, a class set of iPad tablet devices, and a makerspace.

    Library Programs 6-8
    Middle school library programs work within curriculum areas using flexible scheduling. Middle schools use a team approach enabling the librarian to teach in a truly integrated fashion. The librarians work cooperatively with the technology teachers to reinforce to students how technology and the world of information strategies and libraries go hand in hand.

    Library Programs 9-12
    The high school library programs also employ a flexible schedule, and teachers bring individual classes to the library to meet curriculum requirements. Teachers and the librarians work cooperatively to meet American Library Association standards and enhance the learning process in a real world approach using various learning and teaching styles. Students are instructed in our online databases, print materials and advanced Internet searching strategies.  

    Contact: Dr. Rebecca Eberly