Real Estate Taxes

  • The District contracts with Berkheimer Associates to prepare the real estate tax bills in the West Chester Area School District.  Berkheimer is also contracted by the District for the collection of the taxes for the residents of Chester County. Thornbury Delaware County taxes are collected by Katie Gricco, tax collector. 

    For questions related to tax collection please contact:

    Chester County Residents- Berkheimer Associates- 1-866-300-1714

    Delaware County Residents- Katie Gricco, Tax Collector 484-315-8342

    Berkheimer offers various self-service options related to tax collection at

    It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to make sure bills are received and paid. Please contact Berkheimer if you have not received your bill by July 7th.

    A school real estate tax bill for each property is mailed to the last known postal address of the taxpayer. Tax bills are not mailed to any mortgage company. Berkheimer works with several tax servicing companies who may obtain tax billing information for your property. Contact your mortgage company to find out if you need to forward your bill to them for payment. Many mortgage companies do not pay interim bills. Before you send an interim bill to your mortgage company contact them for their policy on payment of interim bills.

    Payments are tracked throughout the year and a lien list is prepared of all unpaid taxes that is sent to the County by January 15th for the prior year. After the lien list is prepared, taxpayers must pay their delinquent taxes at their county Tax Claim Bureau:

    Chester County Tax Claim Bureau- 610-344-6360

    Delaware County Tax Claim Bureau- 610-891-4284

    School District Code
    West Chester Area School District code for income tax purposes is 15900.

    Please contact Berkheimer Associates to request Real Estate Tax Certifications.

Real Estate Tax FAQs

  • ACT 1 and the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion

  • Earned Income Tax Collection

  • When are my taxes due?

  • Where should I mail my payment?

  • Where can I make in person payments?

  • How can I request a payment receipt for my taxes?

  • What happens if I don't receive my tax bill?

  • What is an interim bill?

  • If I don't receive my tax bill, can I pay the discounted amount after the deadline?

  • Is there property tax relief available?

  • Why should senior citizens and people who do not have children in schools pay school tax?

  • What is the school district code number for filing Pennsylvania Income Tax forms?

  • How can I obtain a duplicate bill?

  • What if my mortgage company escrows and pays my taxes?

  • Is it possible to make installment payments?

  • Is it possible to pay my bill by credit card?

  • What can I do if my mortgage company tells me the taxes have been paid, yet you have no record of payment?

  • What do I do if I received a tax bill and no longer own the property?

  • Should I pay my taxes if my house is being sold?

  • How can I change my address for tax billing purposes?

  • How do I contact my Township Tax Collector?

  • How can I remove a party’s name from the bill?

  • How is the dollar amount of my tax bill calculated?

  • How can I obtain a tax certification?