Welcome to the WCASD Safety Committee Page

  • Safety FirstThe WCASD Safety Committee is committed to fostering an injury-free work environment for all students, employees, and visitors.  No task or duty is urgent enough to by-pass proper procedures and safe work practices.  Safety is an integral part of the organizational culture and shall be held in the highest regard.

    Committee Members: Deb Baker, Wayne Birster, Carol DeLuca, Marilee Giardiniere, Ted Harrison, Beth Hayes, Elisha Ozer, Jamie Peck, Joanne Redden, Marty Runzer, John Scully, Rik Thornton, Jeff Ulmer

    The WCASD Safety Committee meets six times a year. If you have a safety concern that you would like addressed, please email wcasdsafetycommittee@wcasd.net or contact any member of the committee so it can be discussed at the next meeting.

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