Dr. David Christopher

  • David ChristopherFor the past 27 years, Dr. Christopher has served as a teacher or administrator in Pennsylvania's public schools. He has experience working in both small, rural districts and in large, suburban ones. Dr. Christopher is a graduate of Elizabethtown High School and has a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Juniata College. He received his Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Shippensburg University. 

    Dr. Christopher spent the first sixteen years after graduating from college serving as a teacher and a principal. In 2012, Dr. Christopher was appointed Superintendent of the Juniata Valley School District, a small school district in Huntingdon County. Because of the successes achieved at Juniata Valley, which included numerous student achievement improvements, significant increases in the district’s financial position, and major curriculum changes, Dr. Christopher was hired as the Assistant Superintendent for K-12 Education in the North Allegheny School District in Pittsburgh in 2016. After serving for two years as the Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Christopher was named Deputy Superintendent and placed in charge of secondary schools, and K-12 special education, curriculum and professional development.  

    In 2019, Dr. Christopher was named Superintendent of the Cumberland Valley School District outside of Harrisburg, PA. Cumberland Valley is a high performing, large (10,000+) suburban school district with a diverse student population.  In 2023, Hampden Elementary School, one of the eight elementary schools in the Cumberland Valley School District, was awarded the National Blue Ribbon Award. 

    In December of 2023, Dr. Christopher will transition to the Superintendent position in the West Chester Area School District. 

    Dr. Christopher also serves on the Governing Board of the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators and for the past five years has served as the Chair of the Innovative Teaching and Learning Committee. He serves on the Advisory Board for the National Center for Education Research and Technology, and is an Alumni Trustee of his alma mater, Juniata College. He has led numerous professional development programs for school leaders and administrators focused on school transformations and improving student outcomes and has been a featured speaker at both state and national conferences on education. 

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