Athletic Program

  • The West Chester Area School District offers a wide variety of sports to both male and female high school students on the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity levels. Freshman sports, open to only ninth graders, encourage a high level of interscholastic competitive participation. Junior varsity teams, open to grades nine through 11, give students the necessary experience to move to the varsity level, which is the highest level of competitive sports. For all high school varsity sports, the district competes with schools in the Ches-Mont League. Intramural sports are offered to sixth graders in the district’s three middle schools. In seventh and eighth grades, students play a full range of interscholastic sports against neighboring school districts.

    Middle and high school students must meet academic eligibility requirements to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. According to district policy, should a student be failing any two scheduled classes, he/she would become ineligible for a minimum of one week commencing on the week following submission of his/her name by the respective teachers. Ineligibility includes all practices.

    In addition, under rules of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA), athletes must be passing at least four full-credit subjects or the equivalent. If a student is not meeting this standard at the end of a marking period, he/she is ineligible to participate in games or practices for at least 15 school days.

    Physicals are required of student athletes. They may elect to obtain a comprehensive initial pre-participation physical once per calendar year (dated after June 1) or a minimal pre-participation physical evaluation prior to every season. Students must also meet school attendance requirements.

    Schedules for sports are subject to change until shortly before the start of each season. Therefore, the schedules are not included here. Questions may be directed to the athletic office at each school.

    East High School: Ryan Zehren, Athletic Director - 484-266-3925
    Henderson High School: Steve Fitch, Athletic Director - 484-266-3431
    Rustin High School: Devon Landgraff, Athletic Director - 484-266-4339
    Fugett Middle School: Tom Swift, Athletic Director - 484-266-2925
    Peirce Middle School: Sam Virgilio, Athletic Director - 484-266-2525
    Stetson Middle School: Willi Corcoran, Athletic Director - 484-266-2725

    The following is a list of sports offered each season. Please note that individual sports are not necessarily offered on all levels.

    Fall:  Cross-Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Soccer, Tennis (Girls), Volleyball (Girls)
    Winter:  Basketball, Indoor Track, Swimming, Wrestling
    Spring:  Baseball (Boys), Lacrosse, Softball (Girls), Tennis (Boys), Track & Field