• The mission of  Henderson High School, a borough school embracing the pride and diversity of its heritage, is to educate all students to achieve their personal best so that they develop into responsible, contributing citizens by fostering individual growth and life-long learning, creating varied learning experiences, integrating the rich resources of our community, and establishing high expectations for all.

Objectives & Tactics

  • Objectives

    • All students will demonstrate proficiency in state and district standards or meet the goals of their individualized learning plans.
    • Each student will successfully complete a course of study that reflects his or her personal best in academics and extracurricular activities.
    • All students will achieve personal excellence by consistently demonstrating the character traits and behaviors necessary to be responsible, respectful, and contributing citizens in the Henderson community.


    • We will actively increase family and community participation and involvement in achieving our mission and objectives.
    • We will develop and implement plans to provide the staff with the time and tools necessary to meet external mandates as well as to personalize instruction to meet students’ needs.
    • We will design a system for students, parents, and staff to develop and for students to complete a course of study that reflects each student’s personal best in academics and extra-curricular activities.
    • We will develop and implement plans, procedures, and interventions to challenge and inspire our underachieving and at-risk students.
    • In order to encourage personal excellence, we will model, reinforce and integrate the character traits necessary to be responsible, respectful, contributing members of our community.
    • We will work collaboratively to assure that we implement discipline policies and procedures effectively, efficiently, and consistently throughout the school.