Henderson HS Attendance Procedures

  • Reporting Absences

    If you are reporting your student absent please email Stephanie Price at sprice@wcasd.net.  Provide the student’s name, date, and reason for the absence.  A parent email or doctor excuse note must be returned within 3 days of the student returning to school. If an excuse note is not received within the 3 days of returning they will be marked as unexcused or unlawful.  If you have further questions or concerns with your student’s absence please call (484)266-3318.

    Early Dismissal

    If your student needs to leave early from a class please send an email in the morning so that we can make teachers aware.  These emails must be sent from a parent’s email address listed on our files.  The email should include the student’s name, date, requested dismissal time, reason for dismissal, and if they are returning.  The student will then be given a pass to leave the building at the designated time.  If it is a last minute dismissal please call (484) 266-3318.

    Late to School

    There are five excused reasons for being late to school: 1. Doctor  2. Dentist  3. Court Appearance  4. Driver’s Exam  5. Funeral Any and all other reasons given for being late to school are not excused. Students who arrive late to school without one of the above listed reasons given in writing by one of the five providers will be considered tardy.  Students who accumulate four or fewer tardy days will not be penalized.  Students who acquire five thru eight tardy days will receive a detention for each tardy numbered five thru eight.  Students who reach nine or more tardy days will receive Saturday School for each tardy from nine upward.  Tardy days are accumulated per semester.  

    Family Vacation

    The family vacation form is found on the HHS website and must be signed by each of the student’s teachers and turned into the Attendance Office a week before the trip for Administrator approval.  There is a maximum of 5 days per year.  

    College Visit

    The college visit form is found on the HHS website. Proof of a college visit needs to be turned into the Attendance Office along with the form.  Accepted forms of proof are: an email from the college that states the date of the tour, a dated parking pass from the college from the day of the visit, or a letter from the College Admission Office received on the day of the student visit.  If travel days are needed for a visit, please send in a parent note with the travel dates noted.  

    Absences are recognized as Cumulative or Non-Cumulative

    Cumulative Absences Include:

    • Parent Note (PN) -10 for the year 
    • Family Vacation (FV)- maximum of 5 days per year and must have teachers and grade level administrator approval prior to the absence
    • Unlawful Absence (LAW)- for students 17 and under
    • Unexcused Absence (UNX)- for students 18 and older

    Non-Cumulative Absences Include:

    • Doctor’s Note (DN) for illness
    • College Visits (CV)
    • Religious Holiday (RH)
    • Nurse Dismissal (NN/NE)
    • Death in Family (DE)
    • External Suspension (SUS)
    • School Activity (ACT) 

Attendance Information