Application Information

  • The NHS application has multiple stages


    1. Through GPA and discipline record, you are initially invited to join NHS
    2. Through the advisor/coach forms, you verify your involvement in a school activity and community service group.
    3. Through a formal letter, you state your intentions and motivations for joining NHS.  Here, you may also include additional information that you believe makes you a strong candidate according to the NHS standards stated in the bylaws.


    1. Upon fulfilling the requirements above, you will be invited to join in the NHS induction ceremony, generally held in the Spring semester.
    2. You will receive information about how to order your NHS stole to be worn at induction and at commencement.
    3. You will take part in the induction ceremony in front of your family and become a member of NHS.

Please note that membership in NHS is by invitation only.

  • If you did not receive a letter of invitation and believe you should have, please see Mrs. Peracchia or Ms. Purnell-Bratcher.