Staff and General Information

  • Joanne Steimel, RN, BSN, CSN:

    Stephanie Migias, BS, RN:

    Phone: 484-266-4306  Fax: 484-266-4391

    The Health Office is open throughout the day. Students presenting to the nurse must have a pass. Children should not attend school if they have diarrhea, vomiting, fever (temperature of 100 or more), persistent cough or a communicable disease such as chicken pox, pink eye or strep throat. Please keep your child home for at least 24 hours if they have a fever. School policy requires any student who presents with a temperature of 100 or more must be sent home. The nurse will not assume responsibility for the treatment of injuries that have not occurred during the school day.     

    The Health Office is not a primary care facility like a doctor’s office. The nurse does not make a medical diagnosis,   prescribe treatment, or administer prescription medications without written physician’s orders.  First aid and medical care provided by the nurses are primarily for sudden illnesses or sudden injuries that occur during the school day or for treatment directed by your physician. A student should not come to school for the nurse to determine if they are well enough to attend. If there is doubt, the student should remain home and your family physician should be contacted. The nurses will function on the premise that the student left home well unless you have made contact with the Health Office to the contrary. When a student does not feel well during the school day they should see the nurse for assessment and treatment. When a   student is sent home for health reasons, you will be contacted directly by the school nurse. If a student contacts a parent to be picked up, this will be counted as an early dismissal, NOT a nurse exclusion for attendance purposes.

    Please alert us if there is a change in your child’s health status. This should be done by calling our office 484-266-4306. We are happy to address any concerns. If you have a change in your address, home, work, or cell phone numbers, please update your information in the Parent Portal. This way we can contact you immediately if your child should become ill.

    All health and medical forms can be found on the District's Health Services & Nurses Department website.