K-12 General Curriculum

  • The primary intent of our District's curricular programs is to prepare all students to be college and career ready upon graduation from our schools, which includes the acquisition of the knowledge, concepts, and skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing 21st-century global society.

    The K-12 years are important growing and learning years for children. We welcome your involvement in this collective pursuit on behalf of and with our children. We need your support for those things we do well, and your constructive challenge when we can improve. Together we can provide the highest quality education for all children; and we are committed to doing just that.

    Please click on a link in the menu to the left to learn more about the general education programs offered in our District, to access the middle and high school course guides, and to learn more about the specialized instructional programs offered to our students. We hope this information will be only the beginning of your knowledge about the West Chester Area School District schools. Our professional staff is justifiably proud of the quality of education we provide. We know, however, that the highest educational quality exists in schools where parents are involved. Your participation has positive effects on parent-teacher relationships and student achievement.

Academic Program Leaders

  • Supervisor of Science, Health and Physical Education, Family and Consumer Science, and Technology Education
    Dr. Paul Joyce

    Supervisor of Social Studies and Fine Arts 
    Dr. Kristen Barnello

    Supervisor of  Assessment and Special Education Reevaluations
    Steve Werner

    Supervisor of ELD and Equity Program and World Language
    Chrissy Eagles

    Supervisor of Student Services
    Carol Rothera