Health Services & Nurses Overview

  • School nursing is a unique specialty within the education system that requires specialized knowledge, skills, and decision making to provide the best possible nursing care with the best possible outcomes (NASN, 2018). The mission of the WCASD School Health Services is to support education by providing student-centered care through skilled nursing assessments and interventions.  The School Health Services Program is designed to promote the physical and emotional health of students thereby supporting and inspiring students to achieve their personal best. The Health Services Practice Framework is available for full review.

    Professional nurses (both Certified School Nurses and Registered Nurses) are present in all public school buildings every school day. Parents are encouraged to communicate directly with the nurse in the student’s school regarding any health concern that may impact the student’s day in school. See your school’s website for contact information.

Elementary Schools

    • East Bradford: 484-266-2106
    • East Goshen: 484-266-1506
    • Exton: 484-266-1406
    • Fern Hill: 484-266-1606
    • Glen Acres: 484-266-1706
    • Greystone: 484-266-2306
    • Hillsdale: 484-266-2006
    • Mary C Howse: 484-266-1306
    • PennWood: 484-266-1906
    • Starkweather: 484-266-2206
    • Westtown-Thornbury: 484-266-1806

Middle & High Schools

    • East: 484-266-3806
    • Henderson: 484-266-3306
    • Rustin: 484-266-4306
    • Fugett: 484-266-2906
    • Peirce: 484-266-2506
    • Stetson: 484-266-2706