Attendance Information

  •  Attendance Office: 484-266-3810

    Attendance Policy:

    Course credit will be denied for those students who accrue more than 20 cumulative absences in a year-long course. Credit will also be denied for those students who accrue more than 10 cumulative absences in a semester course. Those students who miss more than the allotted days will earn the grade for the course but not the credit. Unlawful class absences due to truancy or cutting of class will result in an F grade for all class work missed that day.

    The following are absences that count against the 20-day limit:

    FV      Family vacations

    STD   Short dismissals count against period attendance

    LAW  Unlawful absences

    UNX  Unexcused absences

    UNV  Unverified early dismissals (more than four periods)

    The following absences do NOT count against the 20-day limit:

    DN    Doctor's note for being absent, late, or an early dismissal

    RH    Religious holiday

    NE    Nurse exclusion from school

    NC    External suspension

    ACT  School activity (such as DECA, sports, music, KARE, etc.)

    Parent notes are no longer accepted to excuse lateness from school. We accept ten parent notes for absences from school due to illness. Students are allowed five days for family vacations (pre-approved). These absences are cumulative. All students are allowed pre-approved college visits. A student is allowed to enter school late four times during each semester before they are assigned a detention. After the fourth late, students are assigned a detention. After the eighth late, students are assigned a Saturday School.