Courses needed to Graduate

  • Subjects

    Grades 9 - 12

    English 4.0 Credits
    Social Studies 4.0 Credits
    Mathematics 3.0 Credits
    Science 3.0 Credits
    Electives 5.0 Credits
    Health/Physical Education 2.8 Credits
    Art/Humanities 2.0 Credits


                 23.8 total credits                 

    Honor Roll - An "A" or "B" in subjects meeting five days per week, and a "C" or better in all other subjects. To be eligible, incompletes must be made up within two weeks of the end of the marking period.

    Career Activity Reflections (CARs) - Graduation requirement, starting with the Class of 2025

    The 8 required Career Activity Reflections (CARs) will help you discover the best path for your post-secondary (after high school) plans! The opportunity to "Choose Your Own" activity will help you pick activities that are best for you. Your counselor will review your portfolio with you to help you plan and achieve your individual goals.
    • Use this checklist to plan out how to complete your CARs.
    • Students will complete at least two activities in 9th, 10th and 11th grades.
    • Students must complete eight total activities by the end of junior year.
    • Four activities are completed with your school counselor and four activities are student choice.

    Career & College Portfolio Student Checklist