Counselor Assignments / Counseling Staff

  • The WCASD Counselors hold a minimum of a Master's degree and a Certificate in Secondary School Counseling. They are also required by the PA Department of Education to receive on-going training and education.  Counselors are prepared to address each student’s academic, career, and personal/social developmental needs in the school setting. This is accomplished in partnership with the student’s family, other WCASD professional staff, and community support services as needed.

    WCASD High School Counselors are each responsible for a caseload of students in grades 9-12. Students are assigned to counselors alphabetically according to the student’s last name:

    S. Yvonne Setlock 484-266-3931;; to schedule an appointment:
    Grade 12 / Alphabet A - Co
    Grades 9-11 / Alphabet A - Da  

    Joe Michetti 484-266-3929;; to schedule an appointment: 
    Grade 12 / Alphabet Cr - H
    Grades 9-11 / Alphabet De - H  

    Lauren Otto 484-266-3930;; to schedule an appointment:
    Grade 12 / Alphabet I - McI (i)
    Grades 9-11 / Alphabet Hi - Ma 

    Kelly Camp 484-266-3928;; to schedule an appointment:
    Grade 12 / Alphabet McK - R
    Grades 9-11 / Alphabet Mc - Rol  

    Lauren Alexander, 484-266-3939;
    Grade 12 / Alphabet S - Z
    Grades 9-11 / Alphabet Rom - Z  

    Career Education Counselor:  Kelly McCreesh;  At EHS Mon, Wed, Fri (morning)

    Caseworker:  Suzanne Simmons

    Intervention Specialist:  Andrea Kuesel, LPC, Phone: 484-266-3939, Fax: 484-266-3899,

    School Psychologist:  Kelly (Sassa) Brumbach  Phone: 484-266-3809,

    Administrative Assistant:  Liberty Joy Morrissey 484 266-3824;

    Administrative Assistant:  Megan Smith 484 266-3811;

23-24 Counselor Assignments