Credit may be denied to those students who accrue more than 20 cumulative absences in a yearlong course. Credit may also be denied for those students who accrue more than 10 cumulative absences in a semester course. Those students who miss more than the allotted days will receive the grade for the course but not the credit. 

    Unlawful class absences due to truancy, lateness or cutting of class will result in a “55” F grade for all class work missed that day.


    Cumulative absences refer to days that contribute to the allotted number of days a student may be absent. Non-cumulative absences are absences that do not contribute to the specified days students may be absent. 


    Excused absences: Those absences where any licensed practitioner of the healing arts or upon any other satisfactory evidence furnished shows that a student is unable to attend school and/or classes or is prevented from study because of illness or other urgent reasons including but not limited to the following (The term “urgent reasons” shall be strictly construed and is not intended to permit irregular attendance.):

    1. A maximum of ten (10) days absence for students verified by a parent note. All absences beyond the seventh day of absence will require a physician’s note.
    2. Family vacation, pre-approved by the principal, while school is in session, up to a maximum of five (5) days per school year. The following will be taken into consideration by the principal in granting permission:
      • The student’s attendance record
      • The students’ academic standing
      • The effect the absence will have on the student’s educational welfare.
    1.  In lieu of family vacation days, parents may use the five (5) designated days as parent notes for illness or other urgent reasons previously listed. No more than fifteen (15) total days may be excused via a parental note.       

    Unexcused/Unlawful absences: Any absence which does not meet the definition of an excused absence includes but is not limited to the following:

    1.  Any absence for which a written excuse is not submitted within three (3) school days of a student’s return from an absence, including notes from physicians.
    2. Any absence not excused by a note from a licensed practitioner of the healing arts after ten (10) or fifteen (15) total days of absences verified by receipt of parental excuses. 
    3. Truancy – Frequent or prolonged absence without satisfactory reason, or willful violation of the compulsory attendance laws which are subject to the penalties provided for in the school laws of Pennsylvania.
    4. Class cut.
    5. Unlawful tardies and/or early dismissals as set forth herein.
      • A tardy is defined as a minimum of one minute of lateness to school. An early dismissal is considered leaving prior to the end of the school day more than 60 minutes early. Eight (8) tardies to school and/or early dismissals will be considered one (1) unlawful absence in grades K-8.
      • Unlawful tardies and cutting class in grades 9-12 will be handled under discipline as a Level One offense. 
    1.  Any absence due to a family vacation while school is in session after the fifth of the five (5) day maximum per school year.

    For students who are 18 or older and not of compulsory age, unlawful absences shall be unexcused absences. 


    1.  Suspensions from school.
    2.  Illness verified by a note from a licensed practitioner of the healing arts submitted within three (3) days of a student’s return.
    3.  Death in the family (with note).
    4.  Religious holidays (with note).
    5.  Pre-approved college visits (official form available online).

      • Form must be pre-approved by an administrator prior to the visit.
      • College Visit Permission/Verification  Form 204AG2 must be returned to attendance office after visit to count as a noncumulative absence.

    The Board will recognize other justifiable absences for part of the school day. These shall include medical or dental appointments, court appearance, family emergency and approved activities.

    Guidelines for Parents/Guardians on Attendance Procedures

    1.  If a student is absent use Pick-up Patrol  (PUP)
      1. A parent/guardian should enter the student’s absence in their PickUp Patrol Account by 7:45 am.  When entering the absence in PUP- there must be a written reason why in order for this to used as a parent note.
      2. If the student is absent but has a doctor’s note- the absence must still be entered into PickUp Patrol and the doctors note must be brought to school and dropped off in the attendance office. 
    1.  If a student is absent and DOES NOT have access to PickUp patrol
      1. Upon returning to school, students shall drop off an excuse note in the attendance office. Parents are required to submit a written excuse within three (3) days of the absence. If a written note is not received, absences will be marked unlawful /unexcused. 
      2. Use a separate note for each student.
      3. Please include a child’s first and last name on note and date
      4. Note should include a reason for absence
      • Parents will receive an automated call from the RHS Attendance Office whenever their child is marked absent in 1st period.
      • Please let attendance know immediately if you receive a call and your child is not absent.  A parent or guardian should call the Attendance Hotline at 484-266-4310. 


    Early dismissals for reasons other than medical/dental appointments, court appearance, or family emergency will be considered cumulative absences. 


      • If students do not sign out properly this will be considered leaving the school without permission and disciplinary action may be taken.

    Should a student need to be dismissed early from school, please submit the Early Dismissal (ED) into PickUp Patrol

    Pickup Patrol

    1.  A parent/guardian should enter the student’s ED in their PickUp Patrol Account.  Cut off time to enter an ED is 12:00pm
      1. When entering the ED in PUP- there must be a written reason for the dismissal in the PUP app.
    2. If the student has an early dismissal for a medical appointment – a doctor’s note should be dropped off in the attendance office when they return or the next day. 

    No Access to PickUp Patrol

    Students must submit a written ED request to the Attendance Office by 7:30 a.m. No one will be dismissed without a written parental request.

      1. Student’s first and last name and grade
      2. Date and time of early dismissal 
      3. Reason for early dismissal 
      4. Parent signature and telephone number


    Students arriving late to school must report to the attendance office to obtain a late pass for admittance to class. Students will be considered late if arriving at 7:30 a.m. or later.

    Excused lateness to school reasons include (parent note must be submitted via PickUp Patrol/or written)

    • A doctor’s appointment (bring in doctors note)
    • Weather so inclement as to endanger the health of the child
    • Legal appointments with documentation (court appearances, driver’s examinations, etc.)

    Unexcused lateness to school

         (Policy does not permit parent notes for student tardiness due to illness. However, a student’s chronic medical condition, documented by a doctor’s note, will be taken into consideration.)

    • Each of the first four offenses in a semester will be recorded on the student’s attendance record.
    • Fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth offenses in a semester will result in a student receiving one day of detention for each offense.
    • The ninth or more lateness in a semester will each result in one day of Saturday School.
    • Unexcused lateness to school that results in an absence from fifty percent (50%) or more of a class period will be counted as a class cut and will result in a grade of “55” for any work missed.

    Unexcused lateness to class

    • Unexcused lateness to class that results in an absence from fifty percent (50%) or more of a class period will be counted as a class cut and will result in a grade of “55” for any work missed.
    • Teachers will communicate classroom specific lateness policies.  Teachers may refer students to their grade level administrator for repeated lateness.


    • The absences for family vacations may be approved for up to 5 days per school year, and if approved, will be counted as cumulative absences.
    • Once over 5 Family Vacation Days -all other absences for vacations will be considered unexcused.

    Procedures on how to request Family Vacation:

      1. All family vacations must get pre-approval.  Forms should be approved at least 5 days in advance of the vacation.  Click here for a “Request for Family Trip Absence Form." You can also find copies in the attendance office.
      1. In PickUp Patrol- you must enter the dates of absences under FV (family vacation).  It must be entered into each day you are requesting.  It must be entered into PickUp Patrol 3 days prior to the vacation. 

    COLLEGE VISITS (noncumulative)

    Students attending College Visits must get pre-approved by filling out the College form (online) and bringing it to the attendance office to get signed by an administrator. 


    Attendance office: dsubers@wcasd.net

    Excuse Form

    College Visit Permission/Verification Form

    Family Trip Form