Attendance Reminders

  • Here are some reminders for attendance procedures during Remote 2.0:

    If your child will be out of school, please call the attendance line (484) 266-4310 to report them out for the day. You can also email Mrs. Donna Subers at Upon return, the student will have three (3) days to bring in an excuse form. If a student will be out for a college visitfamily vacation, or any other non-school related event, approval must be obtained from the office using an approved form.

    Doctor notes

    Whenever your student is absent from school (either for the full day or part of the day) and goes to the doctor we must have a note from the doctor in order for the absence to be excused as a Doctor’s note. When a note written by a parent is received in the attendance office the absence will be covered as a Parent excuse note. Absences covered by a parent note are cumulative. Doctor’s excuse notes are non-cumulative. If your student is absent from school and visited a doctor in relation to the absence, please send in the actual doctor’s note.

    Early Dismissal / Late Arrival

    During the Interim Remote 2.0 and Hybrid scheduled day, students are expected to be in class from 7:45 A.M. through 1:45 P.M. We realize that there may be times when a student needs to start classes late or leave classes early. 

    When such occasions arise please:

    • fax a written note  (484-266-4399)
    • scan / email a picture of the note to Mrs. Subers at
    • The note should include the student’s name, grade, date, requested dismissal time, the reason for dismissal, and the signature of a parent or legal guardian. Included in the note should be whether or not the student will return to school that day. 
    • All notes should be submitted on the morning of the early dismissal / late arrival.  We do not accept telephone calls as a means for early dismissal / late arrival.