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    Your Fugett Middle School Attendance Secretary is:

    Jennifer Shannon

    Phone Number: 484-266-2918 | Fax Number: 484-266-2999

Attendance Policies

    • If your child will be absent or arriving late to school, please call the attendance line voicemail 484-266-2910.
    • After an absence, a Parent Note (PN) or Doctor's Note (DN) must be submitted to the office within three days of the student's return to school. You may also send an emailed Parent Note or copy of the doctor’s note directly to the attendance secretary, Mrs. Shannon ( Please note that you must send the email from the email address we have on file. If documentation is not provided, the absence will be considered unlawful. A phone call is not a sufficient note.
    • A student is allotted 10 Parent Notes (PN) and 5 Family Vacation (FV) days for the school year. Every absence after that will require a Doctor’s Note (DN) or the absence will remain unlawful. 
    • If a student is absent for 5 consecutive days, a Doctor’s Note (DN) is required by the 6th day of absence, even if PNs have not been exhausted.
    • At the 4th unlawful absence, a Student Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP) meeting will be held with our caseworker.

    Please use this link to read the WCASD Attendance Policy:



    • All students are expected to locker and report to their homeroom by 7:30 a.m. every day. Students arriving after this time will be considered unexcused tardy (TDY).
    • A tardy is defined as a minimum of one minute of lateness to school. Eight (8) tardies to school will be considered one (1) unlawful absence in grades K-8.
    • Late arrivals to school due to medical appointments (doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc.) will be excused (ET) with a note from the practitioner.
    • Any late arrival where the student does not arrive by 11:30 a.m. will be considered a full day absence. 

Early Dismissals

    • If your child must leave school early, a written request by a parent must be presented to the office or emailed to upon their arrival to school. An early dismissal pass will be given to your child. A parent/guardian must come into the office with a photo ID to pick up the student. 
    • In order for an early dismissal to be excused, a doctor’s or dentist's note must be turned into the office or emailed to upon the students return to school.
    • You may choose to use a full day Parent Note excuse as well. 
    • Any early dismissal where the student leaves before 11:00 a.m. and does not return to school will be considered a full day absence. 

Family Vacations

    • Students may be excused from school for up to five (5) days of school per year for a family vacation. Family Vacation (FV) days must be pre-approved by your child’s administrator. A family vacation form must be completed and turned in to the office prior to the absence.
    • Please submit vacation requests at least one (1) week in advance to Mrs. Shannon at Please note that parents or guardians will only be notified if any or all of the request is not approved.

Additional WCASD Attendance Resources

    • District Attendance Policy
      • It is important that the attendance secretary is contacted if your child will not be in school on a given day. Upon returning to school, an absence note must be delivered to the attendance secretary within three days of the absence. 
    • Excuse Form
      • You must obtain permission in advance for family vacations or other non-school related absences.