• General Information for Parents


    Dress Code:

    All Fugett students will receive a reminder copy of the Fugett Middle School Dress Code. Please review that document carefully with your child. Any student not following the district guidelines will be required to change. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

    Rural Malawi Project:

    We are continuing to collect printer and copier cartridges for recycling to clean up our environment and to help our sister village in Malawi.

    We have raised over $12,000 to fund the building of a grain mill for the Malawi village. Even this goal has been met, more work is needed to help the village. The next project is to raise funds to build a water purification system. Bring those cartridges in today! Collection boxes are in the lobby. Ask if you can collect and recycle the cartridges from your workplace and then send them in to Fugett with your students. It's a win-win situation for all! Sixth grade Social Studies teacher, Mr. Nefos, will be traveling to the Zowe community in Malawi this summer to attend the dedication ceremony for the mill.

    Assistance in Raising Teenagers:

    Suggestions on raising teenagers may be found through the links below.

    Mind Zone(mentioned in Cougar Clips)

    The Anti-Drug - Tips on protecting your children from drugs (highly recommended). Anyone can subscribe to the valuable, free, biweekly list on this webpage.

    Teen Central.Net

    Dads and Daughters

    Parents Involved Network

    It is very important for parents to aware of children's behavior online. The following links will help you become aware of the dangers that are found on the web.

    Cyber Angels

    FBI for Kids


    Get Net Wise

    Net Smartz

    Wired Kids

    Athletic Office:

    Our Athletic Director, Mr. Swift, may be contacted by calling the athletic office at 484-266-2925

    The athletic office answering machine message will include any changes due to inclement weather. Messages will be posted as soon as possible; in most cases by 1:10 p.m.

    Please email slehmann@wcasd with feedback as to what other kinds of information you would like to see here.