6th Grade Intramurals
  • 6th Grade Athletics (Intramural)

    The 6th grade sports program, composed of only 6th grade students, will be held after school.  This program will focus on basic skills and provide competition within school. The sports offerings in this program are as follows: Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, Volleyball and Track.  Each programs runs for approximately two weeks. 

    All 6th grade participants must have a physical examination PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION. The original physical may be performed concurrently with the 6th grade entrance physical. The required form was included with the 5th grade final report card.
    NOTE: The West Chester Area School District's insurance policy does not cover accidents or injuries in the 6th grade sports program. If any injury occurs, the medical bills would need to be covered by your personal insurance.


    6th Grade Intramural Sports

     FALL SEASON – Late October/ Early November:

    Soccer – Coach Frank Nefos


    WINTER SEASON - Mid-February:

    Wrestling – Coach Corey Webb

    Basketball – Coach Reggie Washington


    SPRING SEASON – April/ May:

    Volleyball – Coach Shayna Abbott

    Track - Coach Reggie Washington