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  • Cyber Coach

    As part of the WC Cyber program, students will have the support of our cyber coach - a certified educator who will work with students in a variety of ways. The cyber coach will support students as they learn to navigate a cyber learning environment, stressing the importance of executive functioning skills such as time management and problem solving. The coach will work as a liaison between the students and their assigned schools, administrators, teachers and families.  


    Pupil Services

    All students are invited to participate in the WC Cyber program, taking some or all of their classes online. Some students may need the additional support of our Pupil Services Department. Our Pupil Services Department offers a variety of school based and community based supports, including special education services, mental health supports, parent speaker series, and can facilitate communication between a variety of agencies. For more information, please visit our Pupil Services webpage.


    Technology Support

    All students that participate in the WC Cyber Program will receive a district device to use for their classes. Additionally, the WCASD offers a strong technology support team, including our help desk and instructional technology coordinators, that are ready to assist our students, their families, and our teachers. For more information, please visit our Technology Department’s webpage.