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Education Overview

  • Students who participate in the WC Cyber program will remain rostered at their building and will be part of that school’s community, including clubs and sports, student activities, community service projects, and performing ensembles. Students will also be able to receive a wide range of support services from the personnel in that building. If you are unsure as to what building your child would be rostered to, please visit our interactive map and enter your address on the top right corner of the map. 

    WC Cyber Middle School Program

    The WC Cyber Middle School program is designed on research-based instructional models, appropriate for early adolescents. Throughout their three years, students will take courses in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world language, and health and physical education. Additionally, students will be exposed to some curricular areas that may be new to them, such as business education, computer science, family and consumer sciences, and technology education. Students will also continue their study of the fine arts and are encouraged to join one of the performing ensembles - band, choir, or orchestra - at their school. Click here to view more details about the Middle School Cyber Curriculum.

    WC Cyber High School Program

    The WC Cyber High School program is designed to mirror our nationally recognized programs in each of our three high schools and students will earn their diploma from their building. Students can participate in the WC Cyber Program as full-time cyber students or they can opt to take some classes online and others in person. All of our core courses are offered in our cyber setting, including those at the Advanced Placement level, and we have a wide variety of elective options for students in each of our departments. Students are encouraged to become active members of their school community by participating in many of the co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities available. Click here to view more details about the High School Cyber Curriculum.