Cyber Course Selection Guides

  •  The High School Cyber Course Selection and Middle School Cyber Course Description Guides serve as resources for information that will help guide students in planning and preparing for their educational experience within the West Chester Area School District. 

    The WCASD also offers additional courses in our buildings. High School students interested in participating in a hybrid program - where some courses are online and others are in person - are invited to do so.  Please view the High School Course Selection Guide to see what additional courses you may be interested in.  

    These guides were designed to help students and parents – with help from guidance counselors, teachers, and administration – to select a program of study that best suits the student’s interests, aptitudes, abilities, needs, and educational and career goals. Questions concerning courses and placement should be directed to the student's guidance counselor.

2021-22 Middle School Cyber Program Course Description Guide

2021-22 High School Cyber Program Course Selection Guide