• NOTES - Communication is important between school and home. Students come to the office every morning to give us their notes. Any changes in routine, play dates, appointments and day care situations must be sent to the office in writing.

    If a student will be going home with anyone besides their parent or someone designated on their Emergency Card, please provide a permission note. The person designated in your note must then come to the office and sign-out the student at dismissal.

    PLAYDATES - If students are going home together, we need permission notes FROM EACH STUDENT'S PARENT. We need to know that both sets of parents have given permission. If we do not receive notes from both students' parents, we will call to confirm the playdate.


    STUDENTS MAY NOT CHANGE BUSES - If the students DO NOT RIDE THE SAME BUS, parents must arrange for transportation for play dates. This is a District Policy and is in our Parent Handbook.


    STUDENTS WHO RIDE THE SAME BUS - If student RIDE THE SAME BUS, they may get off at a different stop providing we have notes from both students' parents giving permission.