• PICKUP PATROL – PickUP Patrol (PUP) is used for reporting student absences along with any changes in your child's normal dismissal plan.

    If your child will be absent, please enter that information into PUP by 9am. To do this, go into the PUP app, click on the PLAN icon, and use the dropdown menu to choose ABSENT, and add the reason in the box below. This will be your child's excuse note.

    NURSE EXCLUSIONS - In accordance with the WCASD Attendance Policy, please note that Nurse Exclusions designated "NN" (students sent home before 12 noon) will count as an absence. Nurse Exclusions designated "NE" (students sent home after 12 noon) will not count as an absence.

    FAMILY VACATION REQUESTS - When you are planning a vacation, please submit a Family Vacation Request Form. District policy allows for five (5) Excused Vacation days per school year. Any vacation days taken beyond the five will be considered "Unexcused." If your vacation is extended, please notify the school office using PUP.

    TARDY - If your child is tardy, please bring them to the main office for a late slip. PLEASE DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD OFF AT THE BACK DOOR.