Attendance 101

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    Your Stetson Middle School Attendance Secretary is:

    Mrs. Heather Mazza 

    Phone Number: 484-266-2710


Attendance Policies

    • If your child will be absent or arriving late to school, please call the Attendance Secretary to report that your child will not be in school that day.
    • After an absence, a hand-signed Parent Note (PN) or Doctor's Note (DN) must be submitted to the office within three days of the student's return to school. 
    • A maximum of 10 absences per school year may be excused with a written Parent Note (PN). Any additional absences will require a Doctor Note (DN). 

    Please use this link to read the WCASD Attendance Policy:



    • All students are expected to locker and report to their homeroom every day. Students arriving after homeroom begins will be considered unexcused tardy (TDY).
    • Eight (8) tardies to school will be considered one (1) unlawful absence in grades K-8.

Early Dismissals

    • If your child must leave school early, a written request by a parent must be presented to the office upon his or her arrival to school. A pass with the dismissal time will then be given to your child (no parent sign-out required). In cases where a note is not provided ahead of time, the parent/guardian is required to sign the student out in the main office. 
    • Only a doctor’s note will excuse an Early Dismissal.  Any Early Dismissal prior to 1:50 PM will be counted as a Parent Note.

Family Vacations

    • Students may be excused from school for up to 5 days of school per year for a family vacation. Family Vacation days (FV) must be pre-approved in advance. 
    • Advance permission is required for family vacations, "Take Your Child to Work Day", and non-school related sports activities.