Healthy Snack List

  • This is a partial list of suggested healthy snacks for school lunches and classroom snacks.

    NOTE: ALL birthday celebration treats must be a healthy snack; others (e.g. cupcakes) will not be shared with students.

    Fruit/Vegetables . . . Orange wedges, sliced apples (cinnamon will prevent browning), grapes, cherries, dried fruit, no sugar applesauce/fruit cup, carrots-celery-broccoli w/low fat dip or cream cheese.

    Dairy products . . . cheese slices, cheese sticks, yogurt, cottage cheese, low fat milk

    Crackers/Grains . . . baked crackers, baked cheez-its, whole grain goldfish, pretzels

    Cereal/Bars . . . low sugar breakfast bars, Nature Valley granola bars, cereals with less than 9 grams of sugar (e.g. Cheerios, Life, Kix, Honey Bunches of Oats, Quaker Oat Square)

    Drinks . . . WATER

    Helpful Websites that include recipes: