3rd Annual Spike the Rock Tournament

3rd Annual Spike the Rock Tournament

The 2019 Rustin High School Spike the Rock Champions

For the third year in a row, students at Bayard Rustin High School participated in the Spike the Rock Volleyball Tournament to support Bringing Hope Home, a local cancer charity.

Rob Durbano, Rustin Health & Physical Education teacher was in charge of the event and said the students far exceeded fundraising expectations.

"Last year, we raised $3,600. This year, through raffles, donations, and crowdfunding, students raised $13,036. We annihilated it this year!"

Twenty-eight teams battled it out for bragging rights and the opportunity to call themselves Spike the Rock Champions. As in past years, the teams received support from Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders and mascot Swoop. Eagles offensive tackle, Lane Johnson also lent a hand, serving as a line judge.

"I loved it. This was really something to see. Seeing the energy in the community and the eyes of the students - it was a lot of fun!" said Johnson.

Not only was the gymnasium at Rustin filled with infectious and philanthropic energy, but the event provided one student with the opportunity to deliver his “promposal.” With the help of the Eagles cheerleaders, Swoop and fellow classmates, Ethan Mullin asked Lily Seagraves if she would go to prom with him.

“She said ‘Yes’,” Durbano screamed into the microphone. A chorus of cheers from the audience followed the announcement.

Bringing Hope Home is a non-profit organization that provides financial and emotional support to local families dealing with cancer. The organization provides a one-time grant to pay essential household bills. For more information, visit bringhopehome.org.

For more information, visit bringhopehome.org.

Lily and Ethan after the "promposal."  The students battle it out during their game.  Student spikes the ball.

Click here to view a video recap of the event.