Rustin Students Attend Thornbury Township's Local Government Day

Rustin Students Attend Thornbury Township's Local Government Day

Seniors at Rustin High School had the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of local government when they attended Thornbury Township's Local Government Day with their Government & Economics class.

Students mingled with local leaders including State Senator Tom Killion, Delaware County Councilman Michael Culp, State Representative Christopher Quinn, Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun Copeland, Chairman of the Thornbury Township Board of Supervisors Jim Raith, Vice Chairman Jim Kelly, Supervisor Sheri Perkins, and others.

Rustin High School senior Anthony Avella serves as Junior Supervisor for Thornbury Township and spoke to his peers about the experience.

"Joining this program taught me a lot about getting involved in the local community, how local government works, and how important it is. Being a voter on the local level is important. Your vote matters a lot because it affects you directly. A lot of people don't vote locally, but it is arguably as important as voting on the national level."

Students also showed off their knowledge of government with a quiz. The winners received a prize bag.

The day was a culmination of Local Government Week (April 16-20) designated by the Pennsylvania Legislature. The week is designed to honor the dedication of local officials and encourages citizens to learn how local government functions and affects residents and businesses within their community.