Peirce Best Buddies Club Names PA Best Buddies Chapter of the Year

Peirce Best Buddies Club Names PA Best Buddies Chapter of the Year

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Congratulations to the Peirce Middle School Best Buddies club on being named the Pennsylvania Best Buddies Middle School Chapter of the year for the 2019-20 school year!

Best Buddies is an organization dedicated to providing friendship and support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In addition to the Peirce chapter, there are five other chapters in the West Chester Area School District – East High School, Henderson High School, Rustin High School, Fugett Middle School, and Stetson Middle School.

"Best Buddies is more than an extracurricular activity," said Meaghan Stolnis, Peirce Life Skills teacher, and Best Buddies advisor. "It is a program that changes lives for all involved and helps cultivate friendship, compassion, and kindness. It brings out the good in people and brings true meaning to each and every day. Our youth have so much to offer, such amazing hearts and such goodness from deep down within. Best Buddies gives them the opportunity to share these gifts.

Each year, Best Buddies holds two major events - the Friendship Walk and Best Buddies Ball. Unfortunately, both events were canceled last year due to COVID-19. However, club members were able to participate in other activities, including the Thankful for Friends Feast, Best Buddies Holiday Shop, and sock decorating for Rock Your Socks Day for Down Syndrome Awareness.

Mrs. Stolnis added that Best Buddies members also spent their homeroom and lunch periods with students in the Life Skills program, emphasizing the importance of creating inclusive communities for people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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