Peirce Pride for Westside

Peirce Pride for Westside

Peirce Middle School Students vs. Faculty basketball game.

Peirce Middle School's 8th annual Students vs. Faculty basketball game was a big success, raising more than $1300 for the Westside Community Center of West Chester! Spectators packed the house and cheered loudly during the close game, which the faculty ultimately won by a score of 51-49.

The money was raised through ticket sales, snacks and t-shirt purchases, a half-court shooting contest, and cash donations. 7th-grader Travis Hampton won the half-court shooting contest and earned a $50 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods.

Meghan Greim was named game MVP.

"This was the most successful charity basketball game we've had," said event sponsor and Peirce teacher Megan Hoopes-Myers. "This event could not have been possible without the support and dedication of the students, faculty, and administration!"


Game MVP Meghan Greim    Students pose for a picture before the game  Game Refs