Fern Hill Elementary Welcomes New Principal

Fern Hill Principal Jennifer Southmayd

Fern Hill Elementary School Principal Ms. Southmayd

The West Chester Area School District is pleased to welcome Ms. Jennifer Southmayd as the new principal of Fern Hill Elementary School. Ms. Southmayd is no stranger to the West Chester Area School District, having served previously as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and Instructional Technology Coordinator in the district. Ms. Southmayd spent the last year as an Assistant Principal at Garnet Valley School District.

"The educator I am today is representative of the different perspectives I have had," said Ms. Southmayd.

Ms. Southmayd is inspired by children's energy.

"They fill our classrooms, hallways, stages, and gymnasiums with wonder and curiosity that allows us all as adults to never forget the power of moments, relationships, connection, and new learning. When our students feel seen, heard, and valued within their school community, their growth socially, academically, and emotionally is limitless."

Ms. Southmayd looks forward to helping students achieve their personal best through a strong home-school partnership and a collaborative, committed community.

"This year is filled with new beginnings at Fern Hill. As a new principal with a new population of students and families due to redistricting, I am most excited about uniting our community together as we reacclimate to a more normal school year and propel our learning forward together."

When not leading students toward success, Ms. Southmayd can often be found dabbling with power tools and a new DIY project or taking her nieces on an adventure to a new park or playground.