August 13 letter about student schedule

August 13 - Student Schedule

August 13, 2020

Dear WC East Students and Parents,

We look forward to welcoming students to the 2020-21 school year. While we had hoped for in-person instruction to start the school year, we are prepared to begin with Remote Learning 2.0 and return to school as soon as we can do so safely. In preparation for Remote Learning 2.0, we wanted to share the details for our daily schedule and provide context for when student schedules are released on or about August 20.

During Remote Learning 2.0, the student day will operate on a block schedule, where students will be in class for 85 minutes rather than the usual 45 minutes. The block schedule increases the opportunity for teachers and students to interact in real-time. Once we transition to a hybrid model, it also allows for enhanced social distancing by reducing the number of times students transition from one class to another. Lastly, a block schedule allows for a consistent schedule, regardless of whether teaching occurs in person or remotely.

Classes will meet every other day. Each cycle day will take two days to complete, so it will take ten school days to complete the 5-day cycle rotation. For example, Day 1AM consists of periods 1-4; Day 1PM consists of periods 5-8; Day 2AM consists of periods 1-4, Day 2PM consists of periods 5-8, etc. Please click here to familiarize yourself with the new schedule. The four-period block schedule provides us with the safest and most flexible options during this pandemic year.

Within the next week, we will also email students and families important information for the opening of school. The email will include details for the distribution of textbooks and materials, attendance procedures, and student expectations for remote learning this fall. I’ll also be sending a communication about our upcoming new student orientation on August 19 and our new parent orientation on the evening of August 25.