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WCASD Students Honored in 26th Annual Spellman Humanitarian Awards

Earlier this month, the West Chester Area Education Association (WCAEA) and the West Chester Area School District (WCASD) recognized the humanitarian efforts of the recipients of the 2024 Spellman Humanitarian Award. This award is given to ten deserving seniors from each WCASD high school who exhibit the spirit of volunteerism and citizenship that was central to the late Dr. Elwood M. (Ossie) Spellman's life.

Dr. Spellman was a highly respected dentist who served as a member and president of the West Chester School Board from 1951 to 1969. He was also actively involved in the Boy Scouts, Rotary Club, YMCA, and Westminster Presbyterian Church. Initiated in 1999, the Spellman Humanitarian Awards honor his memory and legacy.

WCASD School Board President, Karen Fleming, shared with the students and their families that the WCASD is extremely proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of these young individuals. “These remarkable students, from East, Henderson, and Rustin, have demonstrated unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others. Through their selfless acts of kindness, their tireless efforts in volunteering, their dedication to service projects, and their passion for creating a better world, they truly inspire us all,” said Fleming while addressing the award recipients and their families.

The WCASD and the WCAEA are proud to recognize the following students for their outstanding achievements in volunteering and community service:

  • Alexandra Barnes, East High School
  • Audrey Beckman, East High School
  • Kathryn Boggess, East High School
  • Sofie Daniszewski, East High School
  • Mia DeVito, East High School
  • Zachary Iozzi, East High School
  • Jessica Pinto, East High School
  • Clare Rudderow, East High School
  • Laysa Tirumamidi, East High School
  • Winetta Williams, East High School


  • Paige Colson, Henderson High School
  • William Cortes, Henderson High School
  • Alexandru Diaconeasa, Henderson High School
  • Rachel Gebrekidan, Henderson High School
  • Chesney Humphrey, Henderson High School
  • Danielle Hung, Henderson High School
  • Morgan Jackson, Henderson High School
  • Hannah Lamancusa, Henderson High School
  • Elizabeth Stahelek, Henderson High School
  • Lauren Zisk, Henderson High School


  • Brianna Ambrosine, Rustin High School
  • Kailey Barry, Rustin High School
  • Jake DeMarco, Rustin High School
  • Cara Gleason, Rustin High School
  • Lexi Harrison, Rustin High School
  • Alexa Hellyer, Rustin High School
  • Angela Lin, Rustin High School
  • Olufela Osimokun, Rustin High School
  • Caroline Rendell, Rustin High School
  • Tyler Troutman, Rustin High School


These exceptional students have demonstrated a commitment to helping others and improving their communities, embodying the same qualities that made Dr. Spellman such an influential figure in West Chester. The Spellman Humanitarian Awards are a testament to the importance of volunteerism and citizenship, and it is an honor to celebrate these remarkable students for their contributions to society.

“Congratulations to the 2024 Spellman Humanitarian Award recipients,” said Chris Reyna, representing the WCAEA. “It has been my distinct privilege over the past 15 years to see 450 amazing WCASD students recognized for their outstanding community service contributions to West Chester and the world.”

This year’s Spellman Humanitarian Award Ceremony was Reyna’s last, as he will be retiring at the end of the school year. His dedication, passion, and tireless commitment have been an inspiration to us all. We are profoundly grateful for his service and wish him all the best in his well-deserved retirement.

All award winners photographed together East student winners Henderson award winners Rustin award winners Rustin students take selfie together Henderson students take selfie together