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West Chester Area School District Receives Second-Year Alice Certification

The ALICE Training Institute has officially designated the West Chester Area School District (WCASD) as an ALICE Certified Organization for the second consecutive year. ALICE, an acronym for Alert, Lock-down, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate, equips both staff and students with valuable safety options, situational awareness, and survival skills for school and life. This premier safety program has the endorsement of the US Department of Education, Homeland Security, and other reputable entities.

ALICE training is a rigorous three-year process that integrates online learning modules on school safety and drills involving both staff and students. WCASD, now in its third year of training, is dedicated to ensuring the ongoing preparedness and resilience of its school community.

 After having first trained school staff in the ALICE program through online modules, the WCASD moved into the next phase of staff training with hands-on scenario drills. In the current phase, WCASD’s safety team is reinforcing critical strategies with staff and introducing students and families to the program. The ALICE program lessons, conversations, and strategies are tailored to be age-appropriate and engaging for students across different grade levels. Prior to engaging students this school year, the district shared informational materials with families and conducted an in-person meeting, empowering families to prepare their children.

ALICE Certified Organization Certificate

Public Safety Manager, Rik Thornton, expressed gratitude to the district's dedicated team of safety professionals, WCASD staff, families, and students for their collective efforts in achieving the second-year ALICE certification. Thornton remarked, “this is a testament to the collaborative spirit and commitment to safety within our school community. Our district is one of the first in the county to receive the second-year certification, and the value of proactive action regarding student and staff safety cannot be overstated.”

The West Chester Area School District remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence in safety protocols and is proud to continue fostering a secure environment for all students, staff, and stakeholders.

“I am truly grateful to our Safety Department,” added Thornton. “Their hard work, professionalism, and dedication to sharing vital safety strategies and procedures with all members of our community is truly reflected in the achievement of our second-year certification.”