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West Chester Area School District Board of Directors Rejects Valley Forge Classical Academy Charter School Application

The West Chester Area School District (WCASD) Board of Directors announced yesterday evening the decision to deny the application submitted by Valley Forge Classical Academy Charter School (VFCACS) during a special board meeting held at Fugett Middle School on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

The board's decision to deny the charter school application follows a comprehensive and thoughtful consideration of the application materials provided by VFCACS, as well as presentations from both the applicant and the school district. The decision-making process also included a thorough review of public comments received from various stakeholders, and the application was subjected to rigorous legal and district evaluations.

“Ensuring the highest quality of education for our students is our utmost priority,” stated Sue Tiernan, President of the WCASD Board of Directors. “The decision to deny Valley Forge Classical Academy's charter application was made after careful evaluation of the application's alignment with Pennsylvania’s educational goals and standards and the charter school’s ability to educate to the caliber our community expects."

The board acknowledges the effort invested by VFCACS in the application process and commends the commitment to education exhibited by the applicant. The decision, however, was made based on the determination that the charter application did not fully align with the educational needs of the community and established criteria in Pennsylvania and the district’s charter policy.

The WCASD remains committed to fostering a diverse and enriching educational environment for all students. The denial of the charter application comes after thorough deliberation and adherence to the necessary protocols.