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WCASD School Board Approves New Custodial & Maintenance Contract

The West Chester Area School District Board of Directors approved a five-year contract with the West Chester Service Support Professional Union at their January 28 board meeting.

The new custodial and maintenance contract includes the addition of a deductible health plan. Under the new agreement, employees will see a 5% increase in the cost-sharing component over the length of the contract. The new contract also grants a salary increase averaging 3.36%.

The overall average increase of the new contract is 3.2%, including salaries, benefits, and retirement (PSERS.)

"We feel this new contract is fair and reasonable to both parties. It demonstrates a commitment on the part of the District and the union to address issues while allowing us to hire and retain quality employees and be responsive to taxpayers," said WCASD School Board president Chris McCune.

The new contract, which covers 97 employees, will go into effect on July 1, 2019, and expires June 30, 2024.