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Hillsdale Library Makeover

Library Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


The library at Hillsdale Elementary School recently received a makeover to better support the six C's of education - communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, confidence, and content. The library now consists of four zones: The Play Zone, The Quiet Zone, The Makerspace Zone, and the Instructional Zone.

Hillsdale's PTO raised over $13,000 to purchase new flexible seating, which encourages student collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. New tables with whiteboard tops that students can write on were also part of the makeover.

"It gives them that mobility to be creative," said Christine Roberts, Hillsdale's librarian. "The workforce that our students will go into is not the workforce that I went into 36 years ago. The workforce that they will go into is going to be collaborative. They're going to need to be able to communicate and move around. We are preparing them for the workforce.”

The new library is very different from the libraries of old.

"When I started in 1984, the kids came for 25 minutes, and they checked out a book. It was a silent environment. Now, this library is never quiet. There is always something going on. The kids only have to be quiet in The Quiet Zone," said Mrs. Roberts.

In addition to the flexible seating, the district added new cabinets and a circulation desk as finishing touches.

Students, parents, and members of the district's administration team celebrated Hillsdale's new library with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony on September 20.

Please click here to view a video of the Hillsdale Library Makeover Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.