Dear Families of Fifth-Grade Students

  • We are excited to welcome your child to middle school. This can be an exciting and emotional time as children take that next step in their educational journey. Middle school is a time of many developmental and academic changes, and our teachers and administrators are very experienced in helping them with the transition process. 

    Our middle school academic program is set up at various levels designed to meet your child where they are with their learning and challenge them to achieve at even higher levels. Students are continually reevaluated and teachers carefully watch to see if a different instructional level would be a better match. 

    Our sixth-grade teachers have been working closely with our fifth-grade teachers to determine which level would be the best fit for your child. Your child’s fifth-grade teacher will discuss individual details about which instructional level might best fit your child’s needs at the parents/teacher conferences in March. 

    Our middle school program offers a core curriculum in sixth grade, and students will not have to select electives as they will cycle through a series of what was known in elementary school as “specials” (such as art, physical education, etc.). That will come later in their middle school career. 

    You can view the descriptions of the courses your child will be taking in our 2022-23 course guide on our website.

    Each middle school principal will host a parent information night on May 4, 2022, to provide parents with a more personalized look at the middle school experience.

    If you have any questions, please email We feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work with your child, and are looking forward to welcoming them to middle school.


    Dr. Robert Sokolowski, Superintendent 
    Dr. Kalia Reynolds, Assistant Superintendent and Director of Secondary Education
    Dr. Sara Missett, Director of Elementary Education